A New Year’s message to readers of the Blakwatch

Posted: January 7, 2013 in Uncategorized

Welcome readers to 2013.
2012 was a great first year for the Blakwatch.


At our conception in January we had 81 views.  By July it had reached 1500 a month, and by December we had reached over 3000 hits.

Thanks to all those who supported, either by subscribing, or re-tweeting, or commenting, or a combination of all three.

Usain Bolt and Mo Farah celebrate by doing each other's famous poses

I hope with your help to make 2013 even better for the Blakwatch.  This year I would like to include other voices and opinions by featuring guest bloggers, and also make connections with other like-minded blog sites both in the UK and the states. (I myself have already had one of my posts re-posted on the site ‘Black Presence in the Uk’.  Check out their site if you’re interested in Black British history.)


This should hopefully give me more time to bring a book out this year (watch this space for details).

So if you’re a like-minded reader of this blog, and you’d like to move from being a reader to a writer, contact me, either here or via twitter (@leepinkerton) and lets make moves.


All the best for 2013

And remember the slogan – click, read, comment, subscribe, share.

Jessica ennis

  1. Razaq Dauda says:

    Congratulations Blakwatch. Onwards and upwards.
    Looking forward to the ’13 blogs.

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