A short message to all Blakwatch readers

Posted: May 1, 2012 in Uncategorized


to subscribe!

Ike & Tina know what to do!

A big thank you to all readers of ‘theblakwatch’.  Thanks to the harnessing of social media we have managed to go from 81 hits in the first month (January) to over 200 in April, with some readers afar afield as Spain, the USA, and Australia!

I hope you’re all enjoying the posts, and if you keep clicking, reading, and commenting, I’ll keep writing.  But I must ask you all a favour – to subscribe and share.  That doesn’t mean adding ‘theblackwatch’ to your favourites page. That is like simply reserving your favourite magazine at the newsagent – you still have to go and collect it.  Wouldn’t you rather have it delivered to your door?  Especially if its free!!!

All you have to do to subscribe is click on the ‘follow’ button at the top of the page, and each time I upload, you’ll get an e-mail in your in-box  informing you. So I can spend more time thinking, writing, and uploading rather than e-mailing, tweeting, and sharing on facebook to get people to know about it.


I’ve already written a book, which I plan to self-publish at the end of this year, but have decided to only do so when I have 100 subscribers to the blog as a firm audience base.  So lets make it happen –  remember the slogan…. ‘read, comment, subscribe and share’.

Thanks again for all the support ……….and stay tuned.

Lee Pinkerton

  1. Mamiwater13 says:

    Keep the truth coming my Brother!

  2. Devon Beaver says:

    Great stuff family I had an early day off work so I’ve got time today!! Anyway I’m looking forward to reading your book and I’ll tell a friend to tell a friend. Peace and Love

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